August Dietrich



Augustus Zoller Dietrich was born in West Germany in 1993, to a Canadian diplomat and a German journalist. He has bright blonde hair cut into a conservative style, and piercing blue eyes. He stands six feet tall, and has an athletic appearing, if lacking muscle definition, physique. He dresses in dress shirts and slacks every day, including a tie during school days. On colder days, he adds a dress jacket.

His father and mother gave him every advantage in life, and it is only right he achieve proportionally. He is not an elitist, but believes that he has worked tirelessly to earn his advantages, and that those that achieve less have not worked to earn it. He has a sense of bitter anger to those who have been given everything and have done nothing in the time since to deserve it, and respects those whose efforts deserve greater rewards than they receive but suffer with dignity. Dignity is truly the key to everything August knows, he attempts at all times to maintain a veneer of calm, even when terrified. More and more, he finds it difficult to contain the blinding rages that swell up at even minor slights. He is determined to master this aspect of himself.

August intends on running for school council president, and any other honor or position at the school. He believes it not just important in the case of winning, running and losing with grace reveals more of a person’s honor, of which he is willing to indulge his pride by running.

August Dietrich

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