The somewhat terrifying Rahu of the Whitebeach pack.


34 years old
Very lean and muscular. Covered in scars.
Matted dark brown hair. Honey-brown eyes.
Rahu of the Blood Talons Tribe.
Wolf form is gigantic and muscular, with a thick red-brown coat, with scars and patches of fur missing.
Belongs to the Whitebeach Pack.


Not much is known about Bane’s past before she turned but there are legends told of her life afterwards.

Bane was known to both Forsaken and Pure, as an extremely violent and powerful warrior. She also didn’t think too much of the “Oath of the Moon” and did whatever her heart desired. Tales of her hunting humans were very common in the Uratha communities, and when the rumors surfaced that she was seen near the Whitebeach Reserve, Stone Jaw decided to hunt her and put her down.

After attempting to kill the entire pack, Stone Jaw saw how powerful she was and instead offered her a truce. She was given a home with the pack and was taken in by the Blood Talon tribe, which have done their best to curb her overly aggressive tendencies.

She’s been with the Whitebeach Pack for the last 5 years. She’s gotten some control over her temper, though is still “handled very carefully” by her packmates.


Hunt of the Idigam Sheldoman