Blood Wind

Young redhead who is Cahalith of Whitebeach


28 years old
Rather gaunt.
Long, wavy red hair. Green/brown eyes.
Cahalith of Bone Shadow Tribe.
Wolf form is very thin and wiry with rust colored fur.
Part of the Whitebeach Pack.


Blood Wind(human name: Claire Stone) was born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to John and Suzanne Stone. Neither of her parents were Uratha, though her father was wolf-blooded.
She first changed when she was 20 years old, and found it too hard to return to her old life. As a Cahalith, her first change involved a vision of the future, where she saw herself running through the snowy forests in Canada with a powerful pack. She broke up with her college boyfriend, said goodbye to her family, and began running up north. She ran into [[:Stone Jaw]] and became one of his pack.

Claire was given the name “Blood Wind” after one rather epic battle against the Pure, when her fighting prowess and weather gifts left nothing but a “blood wind”.

Blood Wind

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