Little Stone

The younger brother of Stone Jaw, and resident Elodoth of the Whitebeach Pack


18 years old
Short black hair. Brown eyes.
Elodoth of the Iron Masters Tribe.
Wolf form is very large with a thick, charcoal grey coat.
Belongs to the Whitebeach Pack.


Keith Stone is the newest member of the Whitebeach Uratha. The majority of his family are werewolves including his brother Stone Jaw.

Keith’s first change happened when he was 17, and in the few months since, he joined up with his brother’s pack. But Keith doesn’t always fit in with the pack. He somewhat resents having to bow to his brother as the Alpha and doesn’t agree with Stone-Jaw’s hard separation with the nearby humans and the other packs. Keith wants to have friends still and wants to work with the humans, making him a perfect candidate for the Iron Masters. He also resents his nickname of “Little Stone”, hating to be stuck in his brother’s shadow.

Little Stone

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