Mikayla Pond



Mikayla was born and raised in Victoria, B.C. Her family owns and operates a 5 star resort on Vancouver Island. Mikayla decided that she did not like the way her family was treating the land, dumping their dirty water and pollution directly into the pristine forests and ocean. After a series of photos were given to the local newspaper documenting the practices of her family, Mikayla was sent to MacArthur Academy. Mikayla is in grade 12 and resents the fact that her parents took her out of her school back home and put her in this backwater community in the middle of nowhere Ontario.

Ms. Pond is a strict Vegetarian and is extremely vocal in her beliefs. Most of the time she pretends she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks; she knows that her good looks have allowed her to get out of trouble on more than one occasion.

On the first gibbous moon after she came to the MacArthur Academy Mikayla found herself undergoing changes. She changed into a wolf and ran into the forest near the MacArthur Academy. As strange as it was to turn into a wolf Mikayla saw a prophecy of the future. The same creature that attacked the car the night of Erins party is going to attack Graduation and it’s going to kill. She also saw strange men shooting fire out of their hands, other werewolves, Men and women with large guns, and what appeared to be Vampires, all fighting the creature.

Mikayla has also become the editor of the school newspaper and believes that printing the truth, as she knows it, is the only way to protect her and her pack.

Mikayla now runs with a pack of her own trying to understand her power and use it to benefit all around her.

Mikayla Pond

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