Stone Jaw


30 years old
Long black hair. Brown eyes.
Ithaeur of the Storm Lords Tribe.
Wolf form is muscular with a thick, silver grey coat.
Alpha of the Whitebeach Pack.


Stone Jaw (born: Thomas Stone) grew up in a large family of Uratha. His father was an Uratha and many of his brothers were Uratha. Thomas’s first change happened when he was only 16. He earned the name Stone Jaw, based on his last name and his iron bite.

The Whitebeach pack originally consisted entirely of Stone Jaw’s father and uncles, but some of them were killed during the battles with the Pure tribes, and eventually Stone Jaw took over the pack.

He’s a stubborn man, with a strong personality, and will do absolutely anything to protect his pack. Often his protectiveness comes off as being rude, but he just always feels the need to keep his pack safe.

Stone Jaw

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