Before Echo Falls was known as a cottage town, it was known for it’s mill. As the town grew, a few other businesses were started up in this area which became the core of this small city.

The Downtown section refers to the eastern side of the town, where many of the town’s businesses are located. The central landmark is the mill located just off the shore of Lake Superior. Beside the mill are several car dealerships, an electronics store, a couple of hardware stores, the local community college, “Shotz”, as well as the shops for many mechanics, contractors, and electricians around town.

In recent years there has been an attempt at improving this area, with the construction of a few well-known franchises. A Wal-Mart super center was opened up here, as well as a Canadian Tire Hardware store/lumberyard which has become incredibly popular with local contractors as well as with the tourists looking to self-renovate their cabins.

This area of town also features a large area of lower-income housing.


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