Echo Falls

Echo Falls is a small cottage city on the northern shore of Lake Superior. About 3 hours from Thunder Bay and 10 from Toronto, Echo Falls has turned into a tourist town.


The town is located between Echo Lake and Lake Superior, and gets it’s name from a small waterfall near town which connects the two lakes. The town is built along Lake Superior, and is several miles long while only about a mile wide. The current population is about 10,000 and increases to almost 16,000 during the summer months. The town is separated into 4 major sections. The eastern side of the town is the industrial section where the old mill is. The north side is the Residential section. Along the shore of Lake Superior is the commercial section or Lakeshore Market. And the west is largely devoted to cottages and is referred to by locals as Cabin Country. To the northwest of the town is Whitebeach Reserve though it is not officially considered to be part of the town.


Historically the town started as a small fur trading post in the late 1800s. At the turn of the century it transformed into a logging community, and the mill there has been the staple of the town for over a hundred years. The town did remain fairly small until 1983 when someone had discovered gold to the east. A gold mine was started, and the population boomed. Many families moved into the community and people began to build large, often extravagant, cottages to the west of town with their new-found fortune. The town took a major hit in 2002, when the mill and the gold mine were both shut down. People began to sell their expensive cabins, and it attracted a new group of people to the town (rich city-dwellers looking for a summer home). The town quickly adapted and by 2004, the town was advertised as a vacation town.

Echo Falls

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