The rarest of the Forsaken’s enemies, these cthonic entities are the spirits that represent concepts that existed before the world was fully formed. As such, they have no place in reality and exhibit powers and motives beyond comprehension.

Humans tell their children about werewolves to scare them. Werewolves tell their young about the Idigam.

God-like beasts who have been sealed away since the time of Father Wolf, not many people have a good grasp on what an Idigam truly is. There are only a few things that are universally agreed upon in Forsaken circles.

The Idigam is insanely powerful. Possessing physical strength beyond belief and gifts that are often ridiculous in magnitude, the Idigam would have ruled for millennia if it weren’t for Father Wolf sealing them away. There are a few stories of Idigam resurfacing through the Gauntlet in the last hundred years, and each of these stories are associated with the deaths of dozens of Uratha.
These stories all end the same too. Several packs (often including Forsaken and Pure) band together to put a stop to these beasts. Battles and rivalries are forgotten as the common goal to destroy the Idigam takes over.


Hunt of the Idigam Sheldoman